Independent Consultants

Dexter L. Andrews, Jr.

Dexter has been working with the Center For Organizational Development for the past three years, conducting site visits and recently providing office management services for the Athwin Foundation. For the 21 years before that, Dexter served as the Executive Director for the Episcopal Group Homes, a nonprofit agency providing homes and services to adults living with developmental disabilities. Trained as an addiction counselor at the Heartview Foundation in North Dakota, Dexter worked in the field of addiction for 15 years prior to his work with the Episcopal Group Homes, serving as the assistant director of the Way-12 Halfway House, the Director of Counseling at Parkview Treatment Center in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, and as the CEO of Parkview. Dexter is a graduate of the University of Minnesota, the U.S. Navy and the Heartview Foundation.

John Hovanec

John has more than 25 years of executive experience and an equal number of years dedicated to a variety of nonprofit organizations. This unique blend of business, consultant, academic and nonprofit involvement proves him ready to analyze businesses, sort through the problems and opportunities and develop strategies for the future. Clearly, the organization has to function as a stable business first, to handle and embrace the mission of the organization. One of John's strengths is the ability to bring the diverse, creative talents of the team together to develop and execute plans and achieve goals. He is a skilled communicator with a wide range of experiences all geared to creating the successful relationships key to success. His focus is on strategic planning, resource development, and engaging the team to achieve common aims. John has domestic and international experience to broaden his vision. He earned his undergraduate degree at St. John's University, Collegeville, MN and his MBA at Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan.

Karen Seashore Louis, Ph.D.

Karen Seashore Louis is a Regents Professor and the Robert H. Beck Chair in the Department of Organizational Policy, Leadership and Development at the University of Minnesota. Her passion lies in the intersection of organizational development and mentoring. The comment from the members of a program that she has worked with for some years- "your amazing support ... from your guidance on the advisory board, to teaching ... to helping us attain what we never thought possible ... " summarizes her approach to the complex work of improving leadership. Karen emphasizes the importance of asking good questions rather than providing answers. Whether in an evaluation project, an advisory capacity or as a professional developer, her goal is to help people and groups recognize their strengths and enhance their own capacities to identify and solve problems.

While she has been a faculty member at the University of Minnesota for most of her career, Karen has wide experience in leadership positions, both within the University and in other settings. Her approach focuses on using what we know - from research and experience - to imagine and meet the future. Professional qualifications and experience include national and international reputation in organization development, change and leadership; experience in guiding both large and small-scale needs assessments and evaluations; deep experience in mentoring younger leaders from diverse backgrounds and career paths as well as designing leadership development programs; experience in executive positions in both private and public sector settings; successful track record in writing proposals; track record in group facilitation and professional development; and lifetime achievement awards from several national associations, including the National Staff Development Council (now Learning Forward).

David Stamps

David's background in governance and fundraising spans over 30 years. Much of his work has been with Amnesty International where he has served in officer positions on both the U.S. and International Boards of Directors. He has served as governance consultant to Amnesty International in Greece. He also served as the U.S. Development Officer for the Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions, which was based in Geneva, Switzerland. He currently serves on the board of the Illusion Theater in Minneapolis and has provided services to other arts organizations in theater and music. He believes in building strong boards that will complement and support the director in his/her operational work. His philosophy is that it is important to scale philanthropic organizational development and evaluation services to the clients' needs. He feels strongly that nonprofit organizations should model good governance and strive for best practices. In fundraising he feels that strong individual donor programs help organizations balance revenue streams, which will serve them well in times of crisis. Fundraising programs should be mission-driven and donor-focused based on building strong and lasting donor relationships.

David is a graduate of Lawrence University, Appleton, WI and has fundraising training from The Fund Raising School at Indiana University and the University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis, MN.

Karen J. Storm, Ph.D.

Karen was most recently a Research Associate at the Center for Early Education and Development, part of the Institute of Child Development at the University of Minnesota. She was a professor for 11 years at the University of Utah, the University of Minnesota and Lehigh University. Karen is an affiliate faculty member at the University of Minnesota in the Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy and Development, where she teaches in the Evaluation Studies program. She recently completed an evaluation of Minnesota's Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting Expansion Project. Other evaluation studies include a study of the Allentown School District in Allentown, PA; an evaluation of Lehigh and the School District of Philadelphia and the National Association of Elementary School Principals Urban Leadership Program; and an evaluation of Restitution, a school behavior management program.