Center for Organizational Development


Organization Capacity Building

  1. Organization Mentoring
  2. Board Development
  3. Resource Development
  4. Evaluation Services
  5. Leadership Development

Philanthropic Consultation

Guide philanthropic sources to insure their charitable objectives are met with maximum efficiency and effectiveness

Our Goal

To insure resources invested in public and private nonprofit organizations translate into programs that have maximum positive outcomes and organizational efficiency.

Contact Jim Storm at or 612.616.0256

Our Values

  • We place paramount importance on the professionalism of our practice.
  • We provide services of excellence, which are affordable for our clients.
  • We recognize that all systems within organizations are interrelated, and must work together in a coordinated manner.
  • We respect our clients’ wisdom.
  • We listen very carefully and objectively.
  • We champion diversity and foster its development.
  • We work only with clients whose mission we embrace.
  • We recognize our own limitations, and constantly seek to grow professionally.
  • We believe humor is important.

Our History

In 1995 Jim Storm founded the Center For Organizational Development (C.O.D.). From its inception, C.O.D. has provided services of excellence locally, nationally, and internationally, in the areas of philanthropic consultation and organizational capacity building.

Philanthropically, C.O.D. has worked with individuals listed among Forbes 400 richest individuals in America, as well as corporate and family foundations of varied sizes.

In the area of organizational capacity building, C.O.D. has worked with clients ranging from small startup nonprofit organizations to multi-million dollar international organizations.

We utilize a Teamwork approach, which maximizes our overall effectiveness.

Our Consultants

All consultants working with C.O.D. are highly skilled professionals who have outstanding records of success. Now they are choosing to give back to their communities via the provision of consultation services that fit within the financial realities of client organizations.