Jim Storm, Ph.D.

Jim Storm, Ph.D.

Forbes magazine has described Jim as a "charity scout" based on his work with philanthropic families, individuals and foundations.

Clients describe Jim as a person of knowledge, wisdom, inspiration, integrity and humanness. It is this combination which gives rise to the uncommon depth and breadth of Jim's professional gifts.

Jim is both book smart and life smart. His rare blend of mental, spiritual and emotional intelligence affords him a broad and deep understanding of individual and organizational dynamics.

Jim's listening skills and his ability to connect with individuals of broadly diverse backgrounds result in positive outcomes with a wide spectrum of clients.

Professional Qualifications and Experience:

  • Outstanding reputation in the fields of philanthropic consultation, organizational development and organizational leadership
  • Ph.D. with a focus on organizational development, having interacted with the icons of philanthropy, leadership and organizational development
  • Integrates extensive hands-on experience with in-depth understanding of organizational and individual growth and development
  • Exceptional ability to distill clarity from complexity
  • Keen listening skills enable him to guide others in the identification of their goals and the establishment of action steps to reach those goals
  • Experienced in working with diverse clients, including:
    • Forbes 400 individuals
    • Corporate and nonprofit leaders
    • Higher education leaders

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